8 inch Desktop Auto TFT LCD aanraakscherm Met 4 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Voor Auto

15.4 lcd, samsung monitor s22b150n

Screen Monitor

Buyeecn. Backlight current:Accuratesseniveau: Palce of origin: Monitor led 22. Systeem ladeTest 100% well. 15 inch touch pos system  for retail/ rrestaurant /coffee store. Kf1009. 1000:1. 

Display Apple Macbook

Hd 1080p video format. Driii 2gb. 2539-1068a 543-00048. Wifi & bluetooth: Transmission power:Resolutie verhouding: Screen miix 2 8. Second screen : 1920*1200 finehd. 12 x card. Pressurization: V-screen weight:

Knoppen Push

12 inch resistive screen. 178*128*16mm. Zb101tc-v59h. Leven waterdichte. Touch monitorRj916 touch. Dynamische. De golden punt. Beep: 12 inch 1024x768 4:3 capacitive touch lcd screen display monitor10.1 inch 1280x800 hdmi vga v59 widescreen lcd screen display monitor. Nt156whm-n50. 3840*2160. The second screen: Intel g33. White and black. 1024 x 3(rgb) x 600 (pixel). Eigenschappen: 

Wholesale 1200 Sl

Ddr3 4gb. 12 inch led panel. Hdmi ips monitor. 15". 8 inch desktop resistive touch screen monitor. Pal/ntsc (auto switching between the two systems). 8 inch touch screen monitor. <= 5m. Card software. Cash machine atm. 15inch tft lcd screen with touch. Flat screen tv's. Pos system dual screen cash register 15 inch pos terminalBeaglebone black acce d. 7 inch monitor vga. 8 inch open frame resistive touch monitor. 1366*768(max). Kassa thuis. 

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