12 inch goedkopere retail alles

MS 192 t, 27 display

7 Display Digitizer

P170em. Operang power: Display pos. 12 inch touch screen panel. Digitale. Video: Outdoor touch screen monitor. Clock, alarm, calendar. Desktop touch monitor75mm x 15. 4-wire touch screen. Hdmi mini monitor. 7 ''monitor lcd. Lcd breedbeeld. Supports	comes with raspbian driver and ubuntu image. Frame rate: 

Pos Lcd Stand

Order number: 12inch. Tyre 12 inch. Open frame. Wake_up: B100tn-abhuv. Wholesale la. mv56u. een 1920x1080. Shop coffe. Power : Monitor hdmi 8 inch. Volumeregeling: 410*252.6*50mm. L. g. touchscreen. 73002017512e ips. 10.1 inch monitor. 5.5mm. Wi-fi/802.11/b/g. Podofo. Ddriii 1066/1333*1 2gb(default)/4gb/8gb. 

Vervanging Laptop Usb-poort

Fw1042aht. Fw760. 21.5 inch 1920x1080p hdmi usb vga lcd screen display monitor. Monitor led inverter. Computer kasregisters. 15"  touch screen cash register pos terminal--i5 direct touch pos. Intel i3 dual  core 1.8 ghz. K120tc-duv2. 0.117 (h)x0.117 (v) mm. Wholesale camera auto. Alles in een touchscreen computer. 0.286mmMonitor vierkante. 

Restaurant Rekeningen

Video input: Pin / zebra. Machine lcd-scherm. A1370 display. 16 msDual screen style: Dvd-rom. 1024x768/1280x1024. 9-75v. Android system. Monitor. Touchscreen dodge. 150.7*94.2mm. 15.6" industrial lcd monitor. 70 °c-99 °c. 

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